Monarch Butterfly

Native Species Nurseries found near Johnson County, Nebraska

Milkweed Market
Monarch Watch
The Milkweed Market is provided by Monarch Watch, a nonprofit education, conservation, and research program based at the University of Kansas that focuses on the monarch butterfly, its habitat, and its spectacular fall migration.
Located in Lawrence, Kansas - about 113 miles away
Monarch Gardens
Benjamin Vogt
We help homeowners, schools, and businesses choose native prairie plants adapted to the landscape for ease of maintenance and maximum wildlife draw -- all with an eye toward the art of natural plant communities.
Located in Lincoln, Nebraska - about 37 miles away
Stock Seed Farms
With the help and encouragement of the Soil Conservation Service (now the Natural Resource & Conservation Service) and University of Nebraska personnel, my family has been recognized for the last 50 years as a leader in the production and marketing of native grasses and wildflowers.
Located in Murdock, Nebraska - about 38 miles away
Prairie Legacy Inc.
Kay Kottas
Business TypeWholesaleRetailInternetContract
Located in Western, Nebraska - about 46 miles away
Nature Hills Nursery Inc
Jeff Dinslage
Nature Hills Nursery, Inc. was originally founded in 2001 as a conifer and deciduous tree nursery. Nature Hills Nursery started as a local tree nursery serving a limited geographic area.
Located in Omaha, Nebraska - about 58 miles away
Great Plains Nursery
Great Plains Nursery is a family owned business located near Weston, Nebraska. Brian and Heather Byers started in the business in 2008 with a passion for growing and planting native trees and shrubs and sharing the importance of native plants for the ecosystem.
Located in Weston, Nebraska - about 62 miles away
Bluebird Nursery, Inc.
The nursery's wholesale division ships millions of perennials, herbs, grasses and wildflowers to garden centers, landscapers, mail order firms, botanic gardens, parks and zoos throughout the US and Canada.
Located in Clarkson, Nebraska - about 102 miles away
Grow Native!
Grow Native! is the native plant marketing and education program of the Missouri Prairie Foundation. Grow Native! helps protect and restore biodiversity by increasing conservation awareness of native plants and their effective use in urban, suburban, and rural developed landscapes.
Located in Columbia, Missouri - about 229 miles away
Holland Wildflower Farm
Bob and Julie Holland
Holland Wildflower Farm is a regional supplier of wild flower seeds. The company began as a nursery business in 1985 by Bob and Julie Holland, ecologists by training, later specializing in botany and plant pathology.
Located in Elkins, Arkansas - about 327 miles away
Pine Ridge Gardens
Pine Ridge Gardens is a family owned nursery that strives to produce quality native plants that will attract birds, butterflies & other pollinators to your garden.
Located in London, Arkansas - about 384 miles away
McKay Nursery Company
McKay Nursery is one of the largest and most experienced nurseries in the United States. Founded by William McKay in southern Wisconsin in 1897, McKay Nursery has been specializing in hardy, northern grown nursery stock for over 115 years.
Located in Waterloo, Wisconsin - about 421 miles away
Natural Communities Native Plants
Where Can You Buy Native Plants? Here!!! We Offer the Largest Native Plant, Native Shrub, and Native Tree Selection in the Midwest. Also, Check Out Our Selection of Ecologist Approved Native Seed Mixes or Let Us Custom Mix Your Specifications.
Located in Batavia, Illinois - about 426 miles away
Byron Nursery
We are growers, Brokers, Buyers, Sellers, Agents, Sales Reps and surplus inventory Liquidators.   We sell everything from Liners, seedlings, small and large container plants, B&B shrubs and trees, evergreens and everything in between.
Located in St. Charles, Illinois - about 427 miles away
Heritage Flower Farm
Heritage Flower Farm in Mukwonago, Wisconsin is an award-winning nursery growing more than 1,000 heirloom plants, providing their stories and spreading them to gardens from Washington D.
Located in Mukwonago, Wisconsin - about 446 miles away
Applewood Seed Company
Applewood Seed Company sells bulk flower seeds on a wholesale basis to many different customer types including seed companies, landscapers, highway and park departments, government agencies, golf courses, nursery and garden markets, farms and ranches, professional growers, pollinator habitat growers, and other commercial companies.
Located in Arvada, Colorado - about 470 miles away
Chief River Nursery Company
At Chief River Nursery, we take pride in offering quality bare root trees and shrubs, along with evergreen plugs, with friendly and helpful customer service to match.
Located in Grafton, Wisconsin - about 475 miles away
Roundstone Native Seed, LLC
Quality Native Seed, Regionally Grown and Adapted to your Area | Over 300 Species and 125 Standard Mixes We produce, clean and condition our seed, controlling quality so the seed you receive is Guaranteed to be viable and free of noxious weed seeds and impurities.
Located in Upton, Kentucky - about 589 miles away
Spring Hill Nurseries
Perennials, Bulbs, Clematis & Vines, Shrubs, Roses, Trees, Patio Orchard, and Tools & Decor
Located in Harrison, Ohio - about 614 miles away
Almost Eden
John, Bonnie, & Jeff McMillian
Someone once asked me what I do for a living and my response was I sell smiles (well if you enjoy flowers, anyway:). Our goal here at Almost Eden is to provide a good selection of quality and beautiful, unusual, or otherwise garden worthy plants at a reasonable price.
Located in Merryville, Louisiana - about 678 miles away
Wildflower Farm
Wildflower Farm is your source for organically grown, non GMO, native North American wildflower seeds, native grasses and wildflower seed mixes.
Located in Coldwater, Ontario - about 899 miles away
Joyful Butterfly
We love butterflies, and it’s our desire to serve you in growing and maintaining your butterfly garden. All our plants and seeds are grown
Located in Blackstock, South Carolina - about 919 miles away
High Country Gardens
At High Country Gardens we offer plants, products and information that support long-term ecological balance and builds and sustains the love of gardening for generations to come.
Located in Williston, Vermont - about 1211 miles away
Buy Rare Seeds
Buy Rare Seeds finds the freshest seeds at all times. Your success is our number one goal, and we put you in the best possible position by providing you with the freshest seeds available, and with germination techniques which are personalized just for You.
Located in San Francisco, California - about 1414 miles away
Rolling River Nursery
Planting Justice
Rolling River is a  USDA certified Organic nursery and permaculture homestead, located in Northern California. They produce a wide diversity of container grown, hardy, temperate and subtropical fruit trees and bushes, as well as many great native and multipurpose tree seedlings, plus other useful shrubs, herbs and groundcovers.
Located in Oakland, California - about 1422 miles away
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