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The Wyoming Water Development Program was established in 1975 to promote the optimal development of the state's human, industrial, mineral, agricultural, water and recreational resources. The program provides, through a commission, procedures and policies for the planning, selection, financing, construction, acquisition, and operation of projects. This can include projects for the conservation, storage, distribution and use of water, necessary in the public interest to develop and preserve Wyoming's water and related land resources.


The Wyoming Water Development Program was founded on the sound philosophy of utilizing a portion of the income the state receives from the development and use of its non-renewable resources, such as coal, oil and gas, to develop and manage a renewable resource, water. One way in which water resource management is achieved is by evaluating development and rehabilitation strategies, and selecting the best alternatives for constructing new or rehabilitating existing infrastructure. In this manner, the Wyoming Water Development Program will ensure the delivery of water to Wyoming citizens in an economical and environmentally responsible manner. Sound water planning and use will preserve Wyoming's water entitlements and will promote the effective and efficient use of the state's water resources.

Contribution to Wyoming Quality of Life

This agency contributes to the quality of life by addressing the water resources needs of our citizens through the construction of new water supply projects and the rehabilitation of existing water supply projects. As a result, Wyoming's water resources are managed, developed, and maintained for the enjoyment and beneficial use of current and future generations of Wyoming. The Wyoming Water Development Program benefits the entire population, as well as all visitors to the state, by providing and maintaining adequate water supplies and planning for future needs.

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