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Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program in Kansas

The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program in Kansas has been driven by two guiding beliefs. The first is recognizing the value of our native plant communities, not only for their biological diversity, but also their sustainability and their productivity. The second has been to build into the Partners Program the flexibility necessary to make it accommodate the needs of both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the private landowner/producer.

The Kansas Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program has utilized this philosophy to voluntarily assist private landowners to restore, enhance, and develop thousands of acres of highly functional wetland, grassland, and woodland habitats throughout the state. Since 1990, the Partners Program has partnered with over 500 Kansas landowners. The number of new requests for assistance continues to accelerate.

Kansas Activities

  • Prairie restoration
  • Prairie enhancement
  • Riparian restoration
  • Riparian enhancement
  • Wetland restoration
  • Wetland creation
  • Bottomland hardwoods
  • Oxbow restoration
  • Environmental education

In eastern Kansas, conservation of existing tallgrass prairie is a top priority. This may include developing grazing systems and adjusting grazing rates on native prairie, cross-fencing, water developments, recommendations of burn frequency and timing, control of woody vegetation through clipping or burning, and recommendations of herbicide applications for noxious plant control. The tallgrass prairie is considered to be North America’s most altered biome. Less than 4% of this globally unique grassland remains intact. The State of Kansas harbors 80% of the remaining North American tallgrass prairie.
\More than 700 plant species compose this unique plant community. Over 250 bird species, 60 species of mammals, 35 species of reptiles, amphibians, and countless species of insects, all form this rich tapestry of life that we call the tallgrass prairie.

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