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Oregon’s Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is a locally lead, voluntary conservation program for farmers and ranchers to address their conservation needs. A practice cost list is developed to encourage the installation of conservation systems that will address these local goals. Cost lists identify eligible conservation practices, cost-share rates and payments, and the maximum amount payable for a specific practice.

EQIP cost-share for eligible practices will be at 50% of the average cost (AC). Available conservation practices and cost-share rates may vary in some counties. NRCS, with advice from Local Working Groups (LWGs) and the Oregon Technical Advisory Committee (OTAC), distributes the majority of funding to the local level for selection of contracts. Available conservation practices and cost-share rates may vary in some counties. Screening tools and ranking sheets are similar statewide, but have been customized by the LWGs to highlight most critical resource concerns.

EQIP participants may also receive practice payments to offset the costs associated with the installation, cost of materials, and/or income lost with adoption of conservation measures. These include measures such as:

  • Manure management practices,
  • Efficient irrigation upgrades,
  • Forest management practices (Applicants must have an acceptable forest management plan in place in order to receive EQIP funding for forestry practices. This may be an NRCS Forest Management Activity Plan or other forest management plan; contact the local NRCS for more information.)
  • Erosion control and buffers,
  • Range and pasture planting,
  • Fencing and stockwater,
  • and many other activities.

Those who submit an application and are accepted into EQIP may receive technical assistance to plan conservation measures. Through EQIP, NRCS provides or covers the cost of professional technical services to develop conservation measures. This includes:

  • On-site assessments
  • Site-specific practice and management plans (a special EQIP Conservation Activity Plan signup is available for development of Forest Management Activity Plans and Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMPs)).
  • Engineering designs

Special EQIP initiatives:

EQIP Organic Initiative
Special EQIP funding is available to organic growers and those transitioning to organic production.

Agricultural Water Enhancement Program (AWEP)
Through AWEP, entities such as federally recognized Indian Tribes, States, units of local government, agricultural or silvicultural associations, or other such groups may propose partnership agreements to work with NRCS to deliver EQIP funding to landowners and growers in a targeted area.


In general, the term "eligible land" means land on which agricultural commodities or livestock are produced. This includes:

  • Cropland
  • Rangeland
  • Grassland
  • Pastureland
  • Private, non-industrial forestland; and
  • Other land which the Secretary determines poses a serious threat to soil, air, water, or related sources.

(Note: Eligible land will not be eligible for financial assistance for irrigation practices if the land has not been irrigated for 2 out of the last 5 years.)

Sign Up

To apply for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), you will need to fill out the Conservation Program Contract Form CCC-1200 and the Environmental Quality Incentives Program Contract Appendix To Form CCC-1200.

After submitting your application at your local USDA Service Center, a certified conservation planner will assist you in developing a plan to address the resource concerns on your farm. They will also work with you to complete a scoring worksheet for your application. Submitted applications are ranked, with the highest priority given to those applications in each region with the highest score.

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