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The purpose of the Oregon Cooperative Weed Management Association (ORCWMA) is to lessen the impact of invasive plant species and their threat to the economy, environment, and human health by working cooperatively to provide leadership, facilitate information development and exchange, and coordinate regional efforts.

ORCWMA is made up of twenty-seven cooperative weed management areas in Oregon that occupy 85% of the land base.  Our Boards represent private landowners, county, state and federal agencies, non profits, private industry and others concerned about noxious weed control.

What is a Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA)?
CWMAs are local organizations that bring together landowners and land managers to coordinate action and share expertise and resources to manage common weed species. CWMAs often function under the authority of a mutually developed Memorandum of Understanding or Cooperative Agreement and are governed by a steering committee. Together, CWMA partners develop a comprehensive weed management plan for their area. At the least, CWMA plans include weed surveying and mapping components as well as plans for integrated weed management. More comprehensive plans may include education and training, early detection of new invaders, monitoring, revegetation, and annual evaluation and adaptation of the weed management plan.
Locally-driven CWMAs are especially effective at generating public interest in weed management and organizing community groups to support on-the-ground programs. States that traditionally have organized weed management on jurisdictional boundaries are finding that CWMAs organized by watersheds, for example, provide additional energy and cross-jurisdictional cooperation to augment existing programs.
A Cooperative Weed Management Area is a partnership of federal, state, and local government agencies, tribes, individuals, and various interested groups that manage noxious weeds or invasive plants in a defined area.

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