Find Best Management Practices (BMP)

Learn how to implement practice measures for wildlife habitat management or prescribed grazing, with these BMPs. The BMPs describe the proper way to carry out those actions.

The Lesser Prairie Chicken and WAFWA’s Range-wide Conservation Plan
Recent studies have estimated that the Lesser Prairie Chicken’s population has declined by 50% in the last year, mostly due to changing land use and drought.

pdf Improving Lesser Prairie-Chicken Habitat Through Revegetation and Rangeland Management
A diversity of habitats is required throughout the lifecycle of the prairie-chicken to provide food and shelter. Planting to improve lesser prairie-chicken habitat requires not only the correct species of grasses, wildflowers, and shrubs, but, also the selections which have proven success or which are locally adapted.

pdf LPC Crude Oil and Natural Gas Development Best Practices for Oklahoma
This document identifies BMPs that Oil and Gas operators can adopt to avoid or minimize potential impacts to the LPC in Oklahoma. The measures if implemented will help reduce threats to the species and can help conserve, restore, and increase the number of LPC and LPC habitat.

pdf Oklahoma Quail Habitat Guide
This Outdoor Oklahoma guide describes how to manage grassland for quail species and tools, such as prescribed burns and grazing.