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lesser prairie chicken News

New study evaluates how private lands enrolled in the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative and the Conservation Reserve Program benefit songbirds

Aerial Surveys Confirm Upward Trend in Lesser Prairie-Chicken Population

New Kansas Conservation Easement Protects Lesser Prairie-chickens

Final Report Released on 2017 Lesser Prairie-Chicken Aerial Survey

New Video Shows how LPC Range-wide Plan Works For Wildlife and Landowners

Aerial Surveys Confirm Lesser Prairie-Chicken Population Holding Steady

Prairie-chicken Restoration Efforts Take Flight in Southeast Colorado

Putting Conservation Easements to Work for Ranchers and Wildlife

Kansas officials urge federal agency to find listing of lesser prairie chicken not warranted

Workshop of Western Governors' Association's Species Conservation and ESA Initiative

Landowner and Industry Enrollment in WAWFA's Range-wide Plan Increases

Survey Shows Growth in Lesser Prairie Chicken Population

8 landowners slated to enroll 40,000 acres in the WAFWA RWP

Industry enrolls almost 4 million acres in Range-wide Plan

NRCS Partnered with Pheasants Forever to provide $5 million for Lesser Prairie Chicken Initiative

Occidental Petroleum Corporation Commits 1.8 Million Acres in RWP and other Conservation Programs

3.1 million acres have been enrolled in Lesser Prairie Chicken CCAs and CCAAs

Landowners have enrolled over 5.8 million acres in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) within LPC Range

NRCS conservation programs have conserved 1,259,612 acres of LPC habitat

701 landowners have signed Lesser Prairie Chicken Initiative (LPCI) contracts to preserve 942,572 acres

State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement projects have conserved 214,000 acres

Kansas State Wildlife Grants have conserved 11,155 acres

Colorado's LPCHIP has conserved more than 11,212 acres

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has enrolled more than 15,000 acres in the Landowner Incentive Program