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Carbon Credits and Sequestration found near Major County, Oklahoma

Eco-Harvest Market Program
Ecosystem Services Market Consortium
Eco-Harvest rewards agricultural producers for beneficial environmental outcomes from regenerative agriculture – including increased soil carbon, reduced greenhouse gases, and improved water quality.
Located in Falls Church, Virginia - about 1182 miles away
Oklahoma Carbon Program
Environmental Projects Coordinator - Judith Wilkins
The Oklahoma Carbon Program encourages Oklahomans to voluntarily protect water quality, prevent soil erosion, and improve air quality by adopting conservation practices that sequester or avoid emissions of greenhouse gases.
Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - about 80 miles away
Bio-Logical Capital
Managing Director, Founder and CEO - Grant McCargo
Bio-Logical Capital acquires, develops, and manages large, environmentally valuable assets. We invest for the long term and integrate land-based businesses with ecological restoration and conservation.
Located in Denver, Colorado - about 424 miles away
Ecosystem Services Market Consortium
Executive Director - Debbie Reed
ESMC is a non-profit that works to compensate farmers and ranchers who improve the environment through their agricultural practices. Our market program to reduce greenhouse gases, improve water quality, and increase other ecosystem services benefits all of society.
Located in Falls Church, Virginia - about 1182 miles away