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State Funding Technical Resources found near Polk County, Nebraska

Nebraska Farm Mediation Program
Nebraska Department of Agriculture
The Negotiations Program uses mediation as an effective means to resolve agricultural disputes. The mediation process maintains confidentiality, fosters positive relationships, allows you a voice in the solution, and is cost effective.
Located in Lincoln, Nebraska - about 52 miles away
Specialty Crop Block Grant Program
Nebraska Department of Agriculture - Casey Foster
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) provided a grant to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) to administer a project that is designed to provide small, competitive grants, in amounts of up to $4,600, to a limited number of Nebraska specialty crop growers for the sole purpose of extending the growing season for specialty crops.
Located in Lincoln, Nebraska - about 53 miles away
Nebraska Buffer Strip Program
Nebraska Department of Agriculture
The Nebraska Buffer Strip Program was implemented in January 1999 through fees assessed on registered pesticides. Cropland adjacent to perennial and seasonal streams, ponds, and wetlands can be enrolled in buffer strips, which are designed to filter agrichemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides.
Located in Lincoln, Nebraska - about 54 miles away
Beginning Farmer Program
The Nebraska Beginning Farmer Programs are designed to help new producers get a head start in farming and ranching, while giving back to the farmers and ranchers who own agricultural assets and are still interested in being involved in the farming or ranching process.
Located in Lincoln, Nebraska - about 56 miles away
Prairie Partners Program
Executive Director, Administration - Tammy VerCauteren
Prairie Partners is a program designed by the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory to conserve prairie birds and the habitat they depend upon. Over 70% of the Great Plains is privately owned.
Located in Fort Collins, Colorado - about 394 miles away
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