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Landowner and Industry Enrollment in WAWFA's Range-wide Plan Increases

About 10 million acres have been enrolled by industry and signed contracts for 3,822 acres of private land, with more contracts being prepared.

Voluntary enrollment in the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies' Lesser Prairie Chicken Range-wide Plan (RWP) continues to increase.

The industry numbers change daily, but roughly 180 companies have enrolled about 10 million acres in the RWP. The companies currently represent oil and gas exploration and production, pipelines, wind energy, electric generation, transmission, and distribution, and natural gas utilities.

Four private landowners have signed contracts covering a combined 3,822 acres. Five more contracts are in various stages of preparation that cover an additional 61,000+ acres. Three of those contracts are anticipated to be signed in the next few weeks. The other two will probably be signed by December or January.